Free Badass Wallpaper!

These days, whenever someone asks me what’s new, I blurt, “I just started taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!” and I usually wind up on the floor trying to demonstrate some move. BJJ is a lot like wrestling, like a constantly changing human puzzle. SO COOL. Interestingly, I’m finding that drawing has helped me figure out some of the positions.

Here’s a triangle choke:

I liked this one so I inked and colored it, and I’ve been using it as my wallpaper. Then I figured I’d make a few different sizes and post them just for you, and here you are! Free BJJ wallpaper, of various sizes, including for your iPhone. Who loves ya?!

Click on the thumbnail to download (and Ma, you’ll need to drag it onto your desktop!):

1680 x 1050:

1280 x 1024:

1280 x 960:


Respectful bows to Ballard BJJ, my teachers Micah and Darren, Slidey, and their teachers, and their teachers’ teachers.