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Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life (Fantagraphics, 2018) is the eagerly awaited companion book to Forney’s 2012 best-selling graphic memoir, Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me. Whereas Marbles was a memoir about her bipolar disorder, Rock Steady turns the focus outward, offering a self-help guide of tips, tricks, and tools by someone who has been through it all and come through stronger for it.

With Marbles, Forney helped de-stigmatize mood disorders with her candid presentation of her struggle to find mental stability while retaining her passion and creativity. This is the jumping off point for her new book, Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life. Personal stories and solid advice from Forney on how to overcome the hassle of meds, recognize red flags, and other tools from her own experience of 14 years of stability — all in comics form. Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life invites readers into Ellen’s home, head, and Peanuts pill box.

Rock Steady is a smart, funny, and helpful book, not only for those of us who have a diagnosed mood disorder, but for anyone who experiences any emotions whatsoever. " — Roz Chast, author of Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir

“Ellen Forney’s greatest strength as a cartoonist is her gift for explanation — getting information across with vigor, wit and visual inventiveness.” —New York Times