Third Place Books, this past Tuesday

Jennifer Hunt, our editor at Little, Brown, asked how Sherman and I did a reading together. (“With gusto!”) I put together a PowerPoint presentation with the comics and illustrations from the chapter Sherman told me he would read, and projected them at the appropriate moment: (The sound guy took this photo, can you tell?)


After that chapter, I’d lined up about 12 more graphics, which I clicked through while Sherman and I talked about them – the characters, the scenes, my process, our collaborative process, and some side anecdotes.


“Thanks for the presentation!” “Thanks for coming!”

Lustlab Ad of the Week: 11/1

I was a Republican for Halloween. I had buttons all over my little blazer that said stuff like “Run, Newt, Run!” and “National Anti-Abortion League: We’re Here for Life” (with a photo of a fetus, naturally). Those buttons were strangely fun to make. I scared people.


“Lustlab Ad of the Week” is a comic adaptation of one of the week’s kinky personal ads in Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, and I post them here every Wednesday. See it on their site here. And watch for LUST, the “Lustlab Ad of the Week” book collection (Fantagraphics Books) in January 2008!