Crabsitter: She’s Back!

I’m taking care of Kelly and Holly’s hermit crabs while they are off drinking hot cocoa with their families. The crabs and me, though? We know how to have fun.

CRABSITTER II is the sequel to CRABSITTER (and its spinoff cult favorite, Vincent Attacks). iMovie rocks. It makes me want to films things just so I can add a monkey screeching or an arc of fairy dust (CRABSITTER II has both of these).

Naughty ‘n’ Nice! Free Wallpaper

More free downloadable wallpaper for your computer and iPhone! Unless you’re a fan of elves and Santa all year, this one is probably just for today and tomorrow, but here you have it: holiday cheer for your various screens. My best wishes to you and yours!

1680 x 1050:


This Week’s Stranger Cover

It’s always fun to do a Stranger cover because for a week, I get to see my work everywhere: strewn in cafes, tucked under arms, crumpled in the gutter. I didn’t think the art director would let me do another cover so soon (my last one was in September) but I guess I made a good case for it. (As I recall, it was something along the lines of “Pleeeease??!”)

“Triangle Choke, or Ballard Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Alliterates Artfully” (an admittedly tortured shout-out to my school, Ballard BJJ. “Alliterates Artfully” -??)

A few people have asked how many covers I’ve done. My first was in 1993 – it was also my first paid job as an illustrator – but after that I wasn’t sure. So I decided to go through my archives, and rounded up nine. Continue reading “This Week’s Stranger Cover”

My Latest Big Sexy Painting: “Maggie”

As a birthday present to his (former burlesque dancer) wife, Mike commissioned me to paint Maggie’s portrait, in a style based on my “Big Paintings of Sexy Women” series. When I went over to their place to sketch her, she showed me a few of the many drawings and paintings her grandfather did of her grandmother. They were RACY! My portrait was intended to be sexy enough to reflect that side of her and her family lineage, and tame enough to not make Mike’s family run screaming from their home.

“Maggie” 3’x 4′, acrylic on wood

When she and Mike came over to pick it up, I decided to make a to-do, and set up the painting on my easel in the middle of my studio and arranged a piece of heavy velvet over it (my bedroom curtain). I put on an evening gown, I gave them glasses of wine, and eventually unveiled the painting like a gameshow hostess.

Maggie had posed for me in two sittings, and I made the portrait from my pencil sketches and a bunch of reference photos.

Maggie emailed me a short video of walking into their home, and the first thing you see when you walk in their door is the portrait at the top of their staircase. “The reception of the portrait has been resoundingly fantastic. People have been impressed by your ability to make such a striking portrait and describe your work as so distinguishable.”

Continue on this post to see other paintings in the “Big Paintings of Sexy Women” series (note: NSFW, if your W isn’t cool with nudity).
Continue reading “My Latest Big Sexy Painting: “Maggie””