Comics & Medicine Conference, Post #1!

Hellooo from Baltimore, Maryland! Off to visit a teen summer class at Johns Hopkins, and wanted to have access to The Toilet Demon, the comic my pediatrician mother used to have laminated and hanging in her exam rooms so she could talk with parents about their children’s somewhat irrational fears. It’s in Monkey Food, The Complete Seven in ’75 Collection. Here:


One Year of Civitella Dreams

Boggles my mind: I will be doing a six-week residency in June/July 2015 at Civitella Ranieri. Civitella Ranieri is a castle in Umbria, I was invited to go, there will be artists from all over the world. I have time to learn a little bit of Italian if I can manage to pry my eyeballs off the photos on their website. Ecco tutto..!

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