I Push My Agenda on Out-of-State Undergrads

I’m going to be giving a couple of talks at a couple of colleges next month: Northern Arizona University on October 6, and Virginia Wesleyan College on October 21. An honor and a kick! I’m finishing sculpting my PowerPoint talk, which I’m titling “Why Comics?” though my real inside-my-head title is “The Magic of Comics,” which I’m not using for obvious reasons.

My promo shot, which includes my drawing of Junior from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian:forney Photo credit: Jacob Peter Fennell

“Counterculture Comix” and Me!

I’ll have work in this art show at Seattle Center’s Bumbershoot festival this weekend, including a couple of my big paintings (like this one and this one). I’m really looking forward to it – just look at the lineup of cartoonists! – and the other art shows look intriguing too, so you should come! The festival is free on Friday, Sept. 3, and the art shows are in the NW Rooms (at 1st Ave. N and Republican).

September 4, 2010 11:00AM – 8:00PM @ Olympic Room


This retrospective examines the Northwest’s legacy as the birthplace of alternative comics (aka comix). Beginning with the work of Lynda Barry circa 1980, and running through today, the emphasis is on the role of comix in Seattle’s youth movement of the ’90s that went on to influence global popular culture. Curated by Larry Reid in conjunction with Fantagraphics Books, this exhibit features original artwork on display together with demonstrations by Friends of the Nib and Bureau of Drawers, as well as screenings of Hooked on Comix. Artists include Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, Ellen Forney, Patrick Moriarity, Mark Zingarelli, Roberta Gregory, Megan Kelso, Jim Blanchard, David Lasky, Justin Hampton, Ted Jouflas, and others. Curated by Larry Reid in association with Fantagraphics Books.

More info at bumbershoot.org.

UPDATE: Photos from the show here.