The Stranger’s Reading Party Special Guests for May 4: Ellen Forney and Derek Erdman!!

Once a month, the editor of the Stranger takes over the beautiful lounge at the beautiful Sorrento Hotel, filling it with beautiful people just relaxing and reading. I’ll be one of two special guests next week:

The special guests at next week’s reading party are confirmed: Ellen Forney and Derek Erdman! Comix themed! Both of them are insanely prolific, both of them have been on the cover of The Stranger a bunch (here and here and here and here), and both of them will be there, sitting on couches or wingback chairs, reading whatever they feel like reading, just like you.

The special is a $4 Manhattan. Kyle O’Quin will be back on piano, playing Chopin and whatever else he feels like. Starts at 6 pm, takes place at Sorrento’s Fireside Room, and it’s free.


Someone Photoshopped this ridickiliss graphic: my I Love Led Zeppelin cover self-portrait, a car-not-a-Cougar by Derek (his work is here, it’s great) and the Sorrento’s fireside lounge. Come if you can, I’ll bring some extra comics with me.