San Diego Comic-Con Schedule, July 18–21

Ooh, the enormous Comic-Con Of All Comic-Cons approaches! I am a “special guest” this year, and Marbles was nominated for an Eisner in the “Best Reality-Based Work” category. Woo! (Alison Bechdel won in 2008, and noted into the mic, “As opposed to a Faith-Based Work?”)

Ta-da, my San Diego Comic-Con schedule. Busy busy!


Thurs., July 18, 11am–12pm
Signing, Prism Comics
Booth #2144
Thurs., July 18, 4pm–5:30pm
Signing, Fantagraphics Books
Booth #1718
Thurs. July 18, 6pm – 7pm
Panel, Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Gay and Straight
Rm 28DE
Fri. July 19, 11am–12pm
Spotlight On Ellen Forney
Rm 9
Fri. July 19, 1pm–2pm
Panel, Humor in Graphic Novels
Rm 9
Fri. July 19, 3:30pm–4:30pm
Autograph Area
Fri. July 19, Eisner Award Ceremony
Presenting three awards with Rebecca Cloonan
[Nail-biting until the Reality-Based category is over!]
Sat. July 20, 11:45am–12pm
Interview, Comic Outpost TV
Booth #802
Sat. July 20, 5pm–6:30pm
Signing, Fantagraphics Books
Booth #1718
Sun. July 21, 11am–12pm
Autograph Area
Sun. July 21, 1pm–2pm
Signing, Mysterious Galaxy
Booth #1119