Spreading the Love

I got a check yesterday from Fantagraphics Books, with “CZECH I [heart] LED ZEP” on it. I assumed it was a royalty check for Zeppelin, and called to ask about a check for Lust.

“Ha ha, ‘czech,’ check, very punny.”

“No, that’s for foreign rights. A Czech publisher bought the rights to publish it.”

“In Czech? Really???”

My first foreign edition! Hooray! Who knows how long that’ll sit in the pipeline – but still exciting. Here’s how “I Love Led Zeppelin: Panty-Dropping Comics by Ellen Forney” looks in Czech:

JÁ Amor Led Zeppelin : Punčochové kalhoty – Kapání Humoristický časopis do Ellen Forney

Ha! So Awesome!!

A guy just emailed me to tell me that he crashed his car, and he was listening to Led Zeppelin. Dude, that so rocks.

(Note: in my comic “The Final Soundtrack,” I fantasize about dying a slow and dramatic death next to the mangled remains of my ’68 Cougar, while “Dazed and Confused” still plays on the eerily-still-functioning radio.)

Thanks, Greg!! (And I’m glad you’re okay!)