This Week’s Stranger Cover!


This is a portrait of Jake and me, based on a photo Jake took one morning a few months ago. I was in a terrible mood, and he put on a bling-y medallion of mine, and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal it. It totally cheered me up. Of course!

This cover is also timed to announce Love Note, the installation Jake and I are putting together for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival next weekend.

Everyone Loves a Love Note

Jake and I are collaborating on a huge art installation for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival! It’s called Love Note, and it’s about writing, giving, and receiving love notes, something we are very fond of. Our piece will be one of the first things you’ll see from the entrance, at the end of the red carpet.


We’ve been honored with support from Western Bridge, the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and SEAF (this is their first year awarding grants for interactive installations).

Today’s SEAF newsletter has an article about Love Note, by Clea Hersperger:

Love notes are a little-explored area in the context of erotic art. As part of the 2010 Festival, Ellen Forney and her partner Jacob Peter Fennell are creating an interactive installation about love notes, a literary form the long-distance lovers know well. Love Note’s participants write, give, and receive a love note via writing stations, an enormous bed with a variety of pillows, and notes left and found under the pillows.

Love notes can encompass a great variety of emotional expressions – sweet, raunchy, romantic, silly. What note awaits you? What will you write? Indulge!

They also posted a sweet interview which I am copying below because I heart it so much!

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is April 30 – May 2 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Tix here. Come! It’s really fun. (And we’ve been working our asses off!)

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