Mo’ Free Jiu-Jitsu Wallpaper

One of the many things I love about Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the respect for history and lineage – photos of the masters hang prominently on the wall. One of those founders is Mitsuyo Maeda, aka “Conde Koma” (“Count Combat”), the judo master who landed in Brazil in the early 1900’s and took li’l Carlos Gracie as a student.

There are few photos of him but I wanted to draw him, and did my best with those few fuzzy photos and a few questions to my Prof. (“What is he doing with his hands??”) And then, why not more wallpaper? So here you are, another wallpaper option, for when your desktop needs to be more simple and sleek. (Original splashy BJJ wallpaper here.)

1680 x 1050: