The “F” Word

Shameless Magazine wrote a really nice review of my comic books yesterday, including Lust, I Love Led Zeppelin, and Monkey Food. The post writer, Tiina, likes that I work well with others:

Ellen Forney is a much-loved feminist cartoonist, whose work has appeared in all sorts of places including Bust magazine. She does amazing collaborative work with a diverse range of people, including writers, activists, chefs, potheads and even her grandma.

I like that she calls me a feminist – it’s arguably kind of a quaint term at this point, with a really fuzzy definition. Who knows what it means? I don’t specifically fight for Wimmyn’s Liberation but I grew up on “Stories for Free Children” (in Ms. Magazine – Mom had a subscription from issue #1), I have extra respect for women who do well in whatever they do, and I have certainly reaped the benefits of my foremothers. I mean, really – it’s still relevant. Fist in the air!

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