I Love Led Zeppelin at Pretty Parlor on 9/7

In a mere couple of days, on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 7pm, I’ll be doing my thang at the Swivel Show at Pretty Parlor. I’ll be joining some fabulous women writers, all of us contributors to the fabulous literary magazine Swivel, at the fabulous Pretty Parlor fashion mecca (where there is a chandelier you can swing on, just ask the owner Anna Banana about it, she’ll be there) for a fabulous evening of reading and singing and clogging(!).

I have a comic in the latest issue of Swivel, the five-page one with the dancer on the trapeze that the LA Times reviewer described as having a “modified crew cut and conspicuous armpit hair,” which I thought was funny. Yay, conspicuous armpit hair! (Or whatever!)