Last night’s show at the new Fantagraphics store (COMICS ROCK! with Pete Bagge and me) went great (despite the crescendo of tech problems for me… but that’s all in the past now). Happy crowd, lots of cute people, and apparently the store sold a lot of books.

And I wore… Zeppelin sleeves!! Man, that RULED! I’ve always thought sleeves are cool, and I have a Kaz design tattooed on my whole back, but for now this ink on my arms is just henna-like paint and PrismaColor markers. As the final project in her independent study on tattoo art in various cultures, my student from Cornish, Morgan Cauthers-Knox, designed and painted full-sleeve Zeppelin-themed “tattoos” on her faculty advisor (me). (And the answer is yes, it’s tempting.)





The animated first segment, by the crazy-talented Matt Rodriguez of Plexipixel.


Mid-performance of “Seattle’s Erotic Landmarks” (that’s the revolving sign on top of the Washington Energy Building)

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