A Toast to Filthy Beasts

This past Saturday, the Fantagraphics store hosted Filthy Beasts, featuring artwork by close-personal-friend-of-mine Jim Blanchard and a h-h-hot set from hard-soul band the Dt’s (featuring close-personal-friend-of-mine lead singer Diana Young-Blanchard. Her name is Di Young. Is that a rock star name or what??). Everyone drank beer and marvelled to Jim’s new book Beasts and Priests and the Dt’s new CD Filthy Habits (song samples on that link). Stranger videographer Kelly O (close-personal-friend-of-mine) asked me to interview them for Slog, the Stranger’s blog. I managed to come up with some terribly witty questions (“How long have the two of you been married?”) and here are the results.

I interview Jim and Di: