Con Culture

This past Saturday’s Emerald City ComiCon was the first con I’ve attended in eons. And yet, it felt so familiar. (Haven’t I seen that guy before, the one with the big bag of comics, totally picking his nose?) Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics told me that I Love Led Zeppelin was the top seller at the Fantagraphics booth that day, very cool. Many thanks to my students who dropped by, and to that animated red-headed woman who came back to the table three times to buy more books.

I lucked into a signing shift with one of my favorite cartoonists – one of my favorite people, for that matter, Jim Woodring. We meet the people:



At the after-con party at the Fantagraphics store, I bought a red (lower right — now out of stock!) Mr. Bumper, the latest fantastic vinyl toy designed by Jim. Is this some inspired craziness or what? And with moving parts!: