More Absolutely True reviews


Book with Sherman Alexie is getting great, great reviews. My art is “hilarious” (Santa Cruz Sentinel) and “adds levity and summary to the story line” (The Oregonian).

Also, from a recent interview with Sherman in the Seattle Times:

Q: And were the cartoons your idea?

A: Yeah. When I started writing it as a novel, for some reason in the first paragraph, I made [the main character] a cartoonist. I sent Ellen Forney, who is a friend of mine, about a page, I think, and I said, “Can you draw a cartoon of this?” About five minutes later, it came back over the e-mail. So she was a part of this five minutes into its creation.

I’m getting angry, though, because people are assuming I had nothing to do with the illustrations, that the press hired her. It was a really collaborative effort. Some of them I dictated, some of them we did together, some of them she did on her own.

I’m glad Sherman is noting that, because he and I did work together really intensely. (And, I did do a lot of it on my own!)

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