LUST PARTY!! Saturday, Feb. 9

Where to begin? The place was buzzing all night, Fantagraphics sold tons of books, Holly Chernobyl rocked the kissing booth, the cigarette girl passed out custom LUST miniature chocolate bars, and DJ David James played sexy grooves (including some Zeppelin just for me, which further warmed my already-warm heart). Spirits were high, it was a very attractive crowd!

I signed books all night, except during my brief presentation, when I stood on a stool and read an excerpt from one of the LUST interviews (the infamous Saran Wrap scene!) and showed some “Lustlab Ad of the Week” images. That was the first time I got out from behind my little signing table, and holy moly, the place was packed.

“Joe, where’s my whiskey?”

Click the photo below for a short video of the first part of my presentation:

Yes, all the art is for sale!

More photos from Fantagraphics here, and more photos from my friend Ben here.

The exhibit will be up until March 17, so if you’re in Georgetown, check it out, here’s the address: Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, 1201 S. Vale St. (at Airport Way S.), 206-658-0110; open 11:30am – 8pm, Sundays 11:30am – 5pm.

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