Thank-You Notes

The latest “ink” on Lust: a post on BoingBoing links to an interview on The Reverse Cowgirl (thanks, Susannah!); nice posts in Electrolicious and Boinkology for Lust and the “kinky, pinky” downloadable wallpaper; a review in Fleshbot (in a list called “Valentine’s Day Presents Don’t Have to Suck Unless You Want Them To”); and a sweet review in Detroit’s Metro Times by Sean Bieri, which introduced me to the word “squick”:

Forney has a golden knack for making even the fringiest, most squick-inducing sexual practices look fun, funny, sexy and human (if not exactly “normal”), without robbing them of their edge.

In Lust, rather than poke fun at the advertisers, which would be easy, or exaggerate their kinkiness, which would be hard, she takes a wholly individual approach that celebrates the kinksters without slavishly illustrating the ad copy. …

Now this is a sexual education, and one that can’t help but bring a smile to the face of all but the most uptight readers.

AND!! I’ll be doing another Lust reading in Seattle, at Bailey Coy Books, on Thursday, February 28, at 7pm. This one is more of a sit-down affair, and there’ll be more sexiness, with dancer Fuschia FoXXX, and cute, scantily-clad persons distributing chocolates. Please come!!