Lustlab Ad of the Week: 2/28

The show at Bailey Coy Books on Thursday went GREAT!! Many thanks to Michael Wells, Fuschia Foxx, Holly Chernobyl, Benni Hana, my hunky assistant (Joe, that’s you), and the lively SRO crowd.

Re: this week’s Lustlab AOTW poetry request: Do you think it would be possible to write a sexy limerick? Not just “there was a young man from Nantucket,” but I mean, something that’s actually hot. My thought is: no.


LUST, the “Lustlab Ad of the Week” book collection, is out and on the shelves! You can order it here directly from the Fantagraphics web-catalog. “Lustlab Ad of the Week” is a comic adaptation of one of the week’s kinky personal ads in Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, and I post them here every Wednesday.