My Personal Public Art

Last Wednesday’s public meeting about Mike Ross’s and my art for the Capitol Hill Sound Transit Station went great. Standing room only, and a very thoughtful, positive discussion.

Here’s my proposal! Two proposals, actually: I’ll be doing two murals.

1. “Crossed Pinkies,” the mural for the (main) North Entry, is about 45′ long and 13′ high:



Here’s a video of what it will look like to walk into the station via the North Entry.

2. “Walking Fingers,” the mural for the West Entry, is 28′ wide by 20′ high:



Here’s a video of what it will look like to walk into the station via the West Entry.

More about the project….

I’ve lived in Capitol Hill since 1989 and I love it here. This project is very exciting for me!

Sound Transit is building an over- and underground light rail system that will go as far south as the airport (finally, a convenient way to get to SeaTac!) and as far north as Northgate. Read more about the big plan here. Read more about the Capitol Hill Station here.

Here’s where the station is going in the neighborhood:


Below are some renderings of Mike’s proposal that had everyone all upset. Real fighter jets, deconstructed, painted pink, and rearranged so they suggest birds kissing. Without getting too far into artists’ statements, Mike’s brings in themes of transformation and dynamics in opposition (aggression and non-aggression, technology and organic forms). I designed my own “Crossed Pinkies” to relate to his piece, with two similar entities coming together and interacting at a focus point in the middle, and involving dynamics in opposition (in mine, coming together and pulling apart).



The station is scheduled to begin service in 2016. Exciting!