What My Work Looks Like in Czech

Here is “Kick at Home” as it appears in I Love Led Zeppelin, and as it appears in the new Czech translation. One snag in the translation: my turkey drawing for the “cold turkey” panel. The Czech translation for “cold turkey” is more like “clean cut,” and Jarka and I went back and forth on how to deal with that (her first solution was a hand with the fingers cut off -!?). We eventually settled on a jack-knife cutting the panel border.

In I Love Led Zeppelin:


In Czech:


From the Czech translator:

I believe that czech readers will be pleased that
czech edition of your comics has something special, something “only for
czech” added by the author, i. e. U!
we would like to place some note about it on the cover.

thank U very much for help – I will send U the cartoon to authorize.

translating of your work really was little bit “hard-core” 😉 but also
it was soooo funny! So many good jokes – RESPECT!


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