I Love Led Zeppelin at Pretty Parlor on 9/7

In a mere couple of days, on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 7pm, I’ll be doing my thang at the Swivel Show at Pretty Parlor. I’ll be joining some fabulous women writers, all of us contributors to the fabulous literary magazine Swivel, at the fabulous Pretty Parlor fashion mecca (where there is a chandelier you can swing on, just ask the owner Anna Banana about it, she’ll be there) for a fabulous evening of reading and singing and clogging(!).

I have a comic in the latest issue of Swivel, the five-page one with the dancer on the trapeze that the LA Times reviewer described as having a “modified crew cut and conspicuous armpit hair,” which I thought was funny. Yay, conspicuous armpit hair! (Or whatever!)


People Keep Giving Me Zeppelin Bootlegs

What a summer, jesus. Again, I never went camping! But I did manage to swim in the lake a lot, there’s that. One of the greatest things about living in Seattle is having Lake Washington right on the edge of town… this morning I got up early, took my thermos to the beach, swam, and drank my coffee in the sun. Hardly gets better than that.

I Love Led Zeppelin is doing really well. Hooray! I’ve been meaning to post the reviews and dates of my upcoming shows but better late than never, and whatall…

In brief–

Multimedia Spectacle at Northwest Film Forum on Sept. 14, with me, Sarah Rudinoff, Miss Indigo Blue, and Led Zeppelin tribute band No Quarter. Not to be missed! It’ll be a blast! And, I decided, a great excuse to buy new shoes. Tickets and info: www.nwfilmforum.org

Really nice: Really nice reviews of I Love Led Zeppelin in the LA Times and Salon, and in the current issue of Bitch. Vice has an intensely mixed and snarky review but is actually very flattering. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a really nice feature about me and my book a couple weeks ago, and The Stranger ran a really nice review of my reading/show at Elliott Bay Books.

Bailey Coy pitchers, 8-10

My first show, at Bailey Coy Books on Broadway. Went great! Photos by Jessica Barnes.
From “Seattle’s Erotic Landmarks”: everyone’s favorite, the WA Energy building’s gas flame sign, a.k.a. “The Magic Pussy”!