Lust, Lustlab, and Ta-ta’s

1. Lust (the book): Black Heart Magazine just posted a lovely review of Lust. An excerpt:

Forney’s drawings are fabulous, a mixture of cute and sexy with lots of allusions from pop culture to high art. A large part of the fun is in seeing how she translates the print ads to graphics, without being crude. It’s a really playful take on ads that could otherwise come off as filthy and sensational.

2. Lustlab Ad of the Week (the art show): For the Capitol Hill Artwalk on September 9, Babeland is going to host a show of my Lustlab originals, and I’ll probably do my Lust reading/presentation at their 15th anniversary party on September 18. The art show is called “Ta-ta, Lustlab Ad of the Week!” Why? Because:

3. Lustlab Ad of the Week (the cartoon):


Online dating has gone through a lot of changes, as has the Stranger, and LLAOTW has been cut. I’m really sad, but it’s not a huge surprise – I’m thankful to have had the series for as long as I did (four years!). I’ll take the time to work on my new book, and will soon start plotting my next comic series. (I’m open to suggestions! And no, switching to Craigslist’s personals isn’t an option — pesky copyright issues..!)


Late night addendum: Many thanks and for the well-wishes from commenters below, and from Fleshbot, Seattlest, Fantagraphics, Capitol Hill Seattle, and Citizen Rain. Deep curtseys! Blown kisses!