You Make My Dreams

Bumbershoot! Love it, hate it, but it’s unavoidable. I’ll be performing again at the Bagley Wright Theater on Saturday at 6pm, and the show is featured in the Stranger’s special “don’t miss it!” section.

This particular literary/artistic/musical event is too egregious a conflict of interest for me to ignore. It’s true enough that as part of this program the author Sherman Alexie will be reading (with musical accompaniment) “What You Pawn I Will Redeem,” a marvelous short story that originally appeared in the New Yorker. Alexie is an exemplar of Seattle’s first-rate literary community, though why he continues to associate himself with gutter filth like The Stranger is beyond me. The Stranger-associated felons and deviants who round out the program include the paper’s most famous comic artist, Ellen Forney; former associate editor Sean Nelson (who is also a well-known musician); Stranger contributor Trisha Ready; and The Stranger’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Frizzelle.

Sean, Christopher and I will be examining the rich topic of… Hall and Oates. I’ve made a few videos (jeez, I’ve been having fun with iMovie recently) and there’ll also be FABULOUS SURPRISES!!!